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Will and Mike were absolutely terrific! We were very pleased with their work and felt we were treated fairly. We have kids with asthma so we wanted to get the problem taken care of right away, and that is exactly what they did. My husband does the maintenance for our church and if ever we have a situation with water we will be contacting you. Thank you again for all the help and great customer service!

— Crystal Moore

Carpet Floor Drying in Chicagoland

Save Time & Money Restoring Carpet & Pad

Worry-Free Carpet Drying

Here is a common scenario for us: You’ve found water everywhere and want it gone yesterday so you don’t have mold! We see this scenario a lot and have the answer you need.

Whether it's brand new carpet you want restored or carpet you’d rather see go, we can help with our proven restoration procedures. By using powerful truck mounted extractors & carpet drying equipment we can effectively remove water, prevent odors & save your carpet from needing replacement, in many cases saving you thousands in repair costs.

Unmatched Restoration of Carpet

The key in this restoration process is a thorough examination of the water source & cleanliness. Once this is determined, we can begin to perform the necessary water extraction, apply a disinfectant & place drying equipment as needed. We can then “float” the carpet for drying in place by placing high velocity air movers in strategic locations, creating a float effect, effectively drying all the carpet and in some cases padding in place in a very short time, eliminating any odors. Having professional grade dehumidifiers spreading warm, dry are to recirculate is essential for this drying process.

Our Restoration Procedures


Determine Wet Areas


Install drying system (Used also for wood floors & difficult drying situations)

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