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COVID-19 Sanitizing Services

 We’re putting our knowledge to work, to keep your family safe during restoration projects.

CWAF crews wearing PPE

We are equipped to disinfect and sanitize areas exposed to COVID-19 including:

  • Restroom doors, handrails, toilets, partitions, soap dispensers
  • Electronics such as phones, computers, keyboards, mice, tablets
  • Floors, doors, doorknobs, walls, light switches
  • Kitchen countertops, dining surfaces, appliance handles, cabinet knobs, chairs
  • Public areas such as elevators buttons, water fountains, door handles and other high touch areas

Although there is no guarantee of eliminating COVID-19, this process defined by the CDC and EPA can help reduce contamination.

Fire and police stations can schedule services by calling 1-800-597-6911 or scheduling online.

CWAF covid19 cleaning

Trained in CDC and EPA Safety Guidelines

Our company follows CDC cleaning guidelines and the application of EPA-registered products to guard against bacteria and viruses. Our restoration teams are fully trained and certified and use PPE equipment to minimize exposure during all visits. Teams are available 24/7 and can be dispatched as soon as needed.

Committed to your safety & health

The following changes have been implemented because of the pandemic:

  • Our team are OSHA HAZWOPER certified technicians & are prepared to disinfect your home or business after our services are complete.
  • We offer virtual interviews for homeowners before deciding if our crews need to come to your home.
  • All of our trucks are disinfected every morning.
  • Every 2 weeks, each truck is emptied of all supplies and a detailed cleaning is performed inside and out.
  • Our office staff asks each customer if anyone in their residence has COVID-19 or symptoms of it before any home visits.
  • When working in homes with confirmed cases of COVID-19 or symptoms, our crews wear full PPE including respirators, coveralls, and gloves.
  • Even when visiting homes with no symptoms, our crews are instructed to wear respirators and gloves to help ensure your family’s safety, and their own.

All of our staff has been given masks. We’ve also paid for testing for employees, had most of the office employees working from home, doing virtual interviews and we also sanitize our office twice daily.

If you need restoration services, call now at 1-800-597-6911 or schedule online.

We’re volunteering our services to disinfect Fire and Police Departments

These front-line workers are serving our community, so we’re stepping up to serve them and help keep them healthy.

We are donating disinfection application services to local fire and police departments as a preventative response measure to the rising threat of the COVID-19 coronavirus. The Arlington Heights Fire Department, Village of Lincolnwood’s fire and police departments, Yorkville Police Department, Lake Forest Fire Department, among others have signed up for these donated services.

“A special thank you to our friends at Chicago Water & Fire Restoration. During these times they provided a complimentary sanitation of our entire Police Department and all of our squads. Thank you for helping us stay healthy!”

 Yorkville Police Department

Fire and police stations can schedule services by calling 1-800-597-6911 or scheduling online.

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Serving Illinois, Wisconsin & Indiana.

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