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Chicago Water & Fire Restoration Reviews

Providing exceptional customer service is the cornerstone of our business. Read through our reviews to see how we ensure our customer’s satisfaction is guaranteed 100% of the time.

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Matthew Esterino
Matthew E.
16:51 24 Jan 21
Chicago Water & Fire Restoration did a tremendous job in providing quick and efficient service after a pipe caused water damage to my home. They were extremely helpful throughout the entire process. Our project manager Nathan G. was great. I wouldn't hesitate to use them again in the future!
E.S. Hampton-Gross
E.S. H.
20:47 21 Jan 21
Amazing from the start, efficient & professional mitigation and repairs!Their teams quickly analyzed, mitigated and fixed the water damage in our main-bedroom's bathroom. From first interaction to the last, our family had no issues with documentation for our insurance, and appreciated the clean work by their technicians.Everyone was polite, professional, and Covid-safe while analyzing the situation, preventing further damage and making repairs.Many thanks go to Dave K., who inspected and 3D-scanned the repair area while coordinating the mitigation team. Also to Samantha D., who helped push the repairs through to a Dan (could be wrong name) who's technicians Jonny D. and Trevon W. completed the repairs and cleaned everything up. While a large-seeming team, they were seamlessly-coordinated and really did what was needed quickly!If I ever find myself in a another similar situation, I would not hesitate to call CWFR. -- Sean
Michelle M
Michelle M
14:46 20 Jan 21
They really care about their customers.
Lisa J.
Lisa J.
16:34 15 Jan 21
This is the easiest review I've ever written. I was so blessed to have a team headed by Ramon Darby who concentrated on excellence. My home was completely...
Randy Oliva
Randy O.
16:54 13 Jan 21
Working with Chicago Water & Fire Restoration was a great experience!! They handled water mitigation and repair to our basement and did an EXCELLENT job! Zac, Travis and their crews went above and beyond, handling each step with the utmost professionalism and cleanliness. If anything extra was needed to be done it was done without an issue. The final restoration was done perfectly. If the need to use their services was to happen again, I would call them without hesitation. I will definitely refer CW&FR to every and anyone. Thanks for doing a great job!
D Crum Crum
D Crum C.
00:03 13 Jan 21
I highly recommend Chicago Water & Fire Restoration. Nate came out on New Years Day to see the damage and provide a plan of action. Rob provided the quote and Johnny, Trevon, and Rich did an excellent job fixing all of the issues with sink, water damage and cabinets. Not to mention the entire crew were timely, honored their commitments and were extremely professional and respectful.
Eric Hedman
Eric H.
23:31 12 Jan 21
Can't say enough about Nathan Gomez. After a prompt response and a little communication confusion, Nathan actually waited for me to arrive at my home. We're selling out home and the home inspector reported a possible mold issue; not what we wanted to hear. Figuring it was going to be thousands to fix, Nathan inspected the area in question and purposed a solution to fix the issue that was not going to be overly expensive. CWFR was great to work with especially Nathan!
Pamela Connor
Pamela C.
04:09 12 Jan 21
We had a great initial meeting with project manager, Shawn Wilson. He was kind, patient, knowledgeable, and able to diagnose our situation and come up with a plan. We look forward to using and recommending your company because of Shawn. Thank you.
Brad B
Brad B
02:28 12 Jan 21
Great service! Fast and reliable, even offered to come out on New Years Day.
Misho Ceko
Misho C.
17:58 11 Jan 21
My experience with Chicago Water & Fire was exceptional. The team was very professional and walked us through the entire process. Chicago Fire and Water was on our side the entire time even while we battled our insurance company. Highly recommended!
Manny Emmanuel Cherry
Manny Emmanuel C.
12:43 07 Jan 21
Chicago Water & Fire Restoration is by far one of the top companies I’ve worked with on home repairs. On the day after Christmas I received a call about a burst pipe in my multi unit building causing damage to the unit of origination, the unit below and the basement. After calling my plumber Chicago sewer & drain to find the leak, I was recommend to Chicago water & fire restoration. Same day they were able to schedule an appointment and connect me with a Project manager by the name of Mike. Mike spent countless time that evening taking photos, marking damage and advising me and my tenants of next steps. The mitigation team was able to come out promptly the next morning and begin demolition. Additionally, The company had no issues sending documentation to both my insurance and my tenants insurance for remittance of approval and placed myself on the cc for transparency. I never really had any concerns or questions, but my team of experts were always readily available. Sam, Jenny, Joseph, and Mike are all truly amazing and they made this experience painless and seamless. They are a great company that I highly recommend.
Jeff Emery
Jeff E.
22:13 01 Jan 21
I called late on New Years Eve with a recommendation from our association's emergency maintenance person. Dave Kunz showed up within an hour and scoped the job and explained the process. The initial cleanup and sanitation took about and hour at 2:30a on New Years Day! The crew was back at 11:30a for most of the rest of the day to finish the mitigation. Mark and Benjamin did an awesome job and this company was the most professional service I have received in a long time.
Eli Amoah
Eli A.
03:20 01 Jan 21
Great company! Very happy with the work completed by Mr. Johnny Denson. He was timely and professional. Mr. Denson takes pride in his work and pays close attention to detail. Couldn't ask for better service.
Vicky Arnet Adler
Vicky Arnet A.
23:30 28 Dec 20
We called on a Sunday and they were here within an hour. Repairs were started that evening. Great Job!
Gayle Ross Sabdo
Gayle Ross S.
22:36 23 Dec 20
We recently had water damage from a broken sewer line. Chicago Restoration was at our house to access the damage in less than two hours of the first call. The repair crew was out within 2 hours after that. They put pads on the floor in the powder room and the entry hall to absorb the moisture from the floors. We had water damage in the basement as well and they had three blowers set up to dry out the ceiling. The equipment ran for three days to make certain the floors and ceiling were completely dry. Great experience.
Kelsey Tyler
Kelsey T.
13:57 23 Dec 20
Johnny and Treyvon did excellent work. Rob provided the quote and they completed fixing our ceiling and repainting in 2 days! highly reccommend. respectful and professional
Barbara C
Barbara C
03:48 21 Dec 20
I used this company because of water damage. The plumber I was using suggested Chicago Water & Fire Restoration. The company responded quickly and arrived while the plumber was still there. Project Manager Pedro and the subsequent crew came out and got to work quickly which alleviated my concerns with the process and insurance. Unfortunately, after the first mitigation, the plumber had problems replacing my hot water tank because of hard water issues and CWAFR had to come out again. Project Manager Nate came out and further eased my concerns because of the additional problems. He and Mike (who put in the fans, dehumidifiers and plastic) were very professional and friendly and took time to answer my questions. I will be using CWAFR for the restoration process soon. As stressful as this has been, It's nice to know that everyone who came to my home was doing everything to simplify the process and ease my stress. I hope the restoration goes as well.
Troy Cam
Troy C.
21:58 20 Dec 20
Chicago Water & Fire Restoration did a fantastic job in fixing my water leak damage on my bathroom ceiling. They were very knowledgeable and professional. Best of all, they did not waste any time in fixing my problem as they knew exactly what to do! - Amanda Dowds and Troy Cam
Lida Rosas
Lida R.
04:03 19 Dec 20
Very prompt service from original call. Nathan was very helpful explaining all the details and arranging his crew to come in and start the clean up. Clean up just finished and the two guys we had were extremely professional and polite. So far I'm very satisfied with the service.
Donna Jakaitis
Donna J.
14:14 15 Dec 20
Dave promptly came to our home and gave us an estimate with a detailed explanation of services that would be performed. That same day Mark and Benji came to perform the service promptly, respectfully and efficiently. We highly recommend this company and would use them again. Thank you Chicago Water and Fire Restotration.
Michelle Loconte
Michelle L.
17:05 13 Dec 20
We talked to Dave from Chicago Water & Fire on Friday. Their dispatch center contacted me within minutes of speaking to him. I was highly elated when I found out they had an appointment the very next day. Pedro who showed up even earlier than anticipated Saturday morning was very thorough and professional. He explained the entire process and had the construction team out the same day. They guys who came to remove the portion of the wall and sprayed the mold killer were hard working and very polite. They came, got the job done, and cleaned up very nicely. I have always used Chicago Water and fire through work but so pleased to be able to say I had them in my own home and bare witness to this great company.
Andrew Meeks
Andrew M.
18:34 12 Dec 20
Tremendous experience with CW&FR. When you have water leaking in your house, your only focus is on how quickly you can get things back to normal. The folks here were so great about coming swiftly, explaining the process, thoroughly cleaning, being professional and prompt and keeping us informed every step of the way. The other thing that you cannot quantify is the LIFETIME guarantee they have on their cleaning. So, you never have to worry about mold or anything else in that area for the life of the service. Big kudos to Zac who was a true pro!
Jon Park
Jon P.
20:16 10 Dec 20
Can't say enough good things about this company. I had a leaking toilet that did a large amount of damage, and a plumber I was working with recommended I call this company. They sent out a PM the same day as I called to assess the damage, and even had a mitigation crew come out THE SAME DAY to remove all the affected areas in my house! The Project Manager even helped me call my insurance company to submit a claim. Very professional, I would recommend this company to anyone who ever needed this type of assistance.
Mark Wojcik
Mark W.
21:53 06 Dec 20
Very professional team. They know what they're doing and the do it quickly. I'd use them again but I hope I don't have to!
Ed Pope
Ed P.
06:46 02 Dec 20
Great company very nice people to work with
Chris Hernandez
Chris H.
13:48 30 Nov 20
Zac and his team were very professional and responsive. He told us we could call him day or night if we had an issue. We had to test that third day after one of the fans blew out the pilot on our water heater. He was there himself to resolve it within an hour of reaching out.Above and beyond customer service, made this very stressful situation much more manageable. Would definitely recommend.
Chris H.
Chris H.
04:46 30 Nov 20
These guys made a very stressful situation for us much more manageable. We used them for mitigation after significant water damage accured due to the unit...
01:07 25 Nov 20
AP manager is currently assisting me with a pending billing matter. It would have been great if the other AP employees were aware of helping clients the same way.
michaela minx
michaela M.
21:50 22 Nov 20
Kyle & his team were absolutely amazing when they serviced my CVS store. I would recommend to anyone! Especially big messy jobs. Thank you so much guys!
Greg Jordan
Greg J.
16:20 22 Nov 20
Shawn came out to give me an estimate within an hour of when I called. We scheduled an appointment the next morning. A crew came out on time and did a great job and was done within a few hours. I was pleasantly pleased with the whole experience.
Kathleen Crispell
Kathleen C.
18:32 19 Nov 20
Wonderful company. Gem was very professional, as were the Mitigation men Jon + Enrique. I would use them again anytime I have a house problem.
Collette Landwer
Collette L.
22:50 18 Nov 20
Dave was very informative and explained in good detail what he is going to do and what the rest of the crew was going to be doing to fix our water damage to our ceiling from a leaking toilet. He also was very patient while we filed our HO claim, which was not an easy task.
Catherine Nelson
Catherine N.
22:10 17 Nov 20
This company provided excellent service; they were friendly, and started work before I knew it. Cem Senel was the representative from the company. He was thoughtful, knowledgeable, and had excellent customer service. He coordinated everything, and even assisted me with my insurance claim. This company's response time was beyond my expectation. I love the service.
Julie Sim
Julie S.
14:21 17 Nov 20
Water damage is a very stressful situation to anyone who has to experience it before or is experiencing now. To a family that had their first water damage, I'm sure glad we picked Chicago Water and Fire restoration. They were professional and responsive to our needs and answered any question we had (some were repetitive or dumb) but they answered it honestly and professionally. What also is best about them is that they also do the restoration and reconstruction in the same company. The outcome looks amazing. Our family is very satisfied with how it turned out. We went from carpet to vinyl planking that looks very much like hardwood floors and we couldn't be any more pleased. They completed the work on time as they said they would and even came back to fix a few things here and there that we noticed as we were living in the house. James, the water mitigation project manager and Robert the restoration project manager were awesome. Those two are the ones I had the most contact with and they were highly efficient and effective! Thanks again!
Steve Hunter
Steve H.
05:40 17 Nov 20
We've had two interactions with CWAFR. The reasons for the damage were very different, but both resulted in water bubbling through the drywall into the paint in our master bedroom. They had assessors out very quickly, and provided thorough estimates. They also greatly simplified working with our homeowners' insurance policy.Once approved, workers ripped out the drywall and insulation, then ran industrial dehumidifiers for 2-3 days to prevent mold. Afterwards they scanned for residual moisture using sonic screwdrivers (so far as I can tell), then replaced the insulation, drywall, and repainted everything. The workers were professional, knowledgeable, patient enough to explain everything in detail, and most recently were respectful of our request to wear masks outside of the work area. Both times they left our bedroom better than it was originally. Very impressed with this company.
Steve H.
Steve H.
21:19 16 Nov 20
We've had two interactions with CWAFR. The reasons for the damage were very different, but both resulted in water bubbling through the drywall into the...
Megan Donahue
Megan D.
15:20 16 Nov 20
Dealing with what and mold can be stressful. But, Chicago Fire & Water has always been amazing. Zac was quick to respond and come onsite (within an hour I believe), clearly explained what he saw and what needed to be done to remedy the issue, and had a team out to fix it immediately. All resolved within just a few days. Highly recommend Zac and team.
Brandon H.
Brandon H.
18:51 14 Nov 20
Cem and team came out to help us with a real crappy situation.. the main sewer line from our house to the street had separated outside of the foundation and...
Jennifer Palmer
Jennifer P.
21:18 13 Nov 20
I recently had a toilet leak and subsequent water damage. Every one I dealt with in the company was great. They helped deal with the insurance and of course did all the work needed to get things back to normal. Corey and Victor did the actual work and did such a great job! They were professional and prompt and paid attention to details. They also cleaned up everything which is more important than it sounds!
Christopher Martinez
Christopher M.
16:01 11 Nov 20
An area of our floor became an issue during a buyer's home inspection. Zac came out twice-- before and after a storm passed through-- to assess the possibility of water penetration into our unit. He was professional, knowledgeable, and courteous throughout. He was able to make a professional assessment that should put the buyer at ease. We would definitely use them again!
Bill Murphy
Bill M.
01:01 11 Nov 20
Great company with great people , especially Greg, our project manager, Robby, Tony and Casey. Greg coordinated everything and was excellent in his communication with us and explaining every step of the way. Tony and Casey did the majority of the rehab work and I can't tell you enough how impressed we were with not only the quality of their work, bit also their professionalism , kindness, punctuality, and caring. You are lucky to have great employees and great people like this working at your company. Will miss seeing them!! Thx for all your help!
David F.
David F.
08:12 10 Nov 20
I had a really good experience with everyone at CW&F. I had never had to deal with water damage in the past, or making a home insurance claim, so was...
G Money
G M.
21:11 06 Nov 20
The CWAF Bio-Hazard team were very professional and did a great job with a difficult situation. Thanks to the Team for their handling of this project including very solid communication. I would use them again if needed.
Tim Park
Tim P.
15:37 06 Nov 20
No one wants flooding in their home, but Chicago Water and Fire Restoration made it palatable. I was recommended their services by my plumber and boy am I glad he did. Not only did my basement look like nothing happened afterwards, but I don't have to worry about any damage lingering either. Everything about them was professional. Special shoutout to JJ Carpentry for the reconstruction work that they did as well. And at the end, they did all the work with my insurance to make sure that I was taken care of as well. I would recommend them to anyone who needs home damage repair.
jeremy kniola
jeremy K.
21:09 03 Nov 20
Zac Matz came in to inspect if there was any water damage or mold removal needed where we'd had a drip in our second floor ceiling. He thoroughly explained the company's policies, tools he used to investigate the damage, and offered options on what could be done. He listened and addressed my concerns. He's a consummate professional. I plan to call him whenever I have a problem.
Mark Christianson
Mark C.
21:27 02 Nov 20
During a plumbing fix due to a long term leak it was discovered that we had black mold in the area. Our plumber recommended Chicago Water & Fire Restoration and we called. Within 90 minutes (and before the plumber had even completed the repair) we had a representative on site who tested, confirmed and worked with us to understand our options. As you can imagine this is a tough time to add additional expense but our representative worked with us and not only confirmed but had the crew come out within 2 hours to do the mold abatement and dehumidifiers/fans that were necessary. Chicago Water & Fire Restoration called the following day to check on the situation and ensure we didnt have any questions, then called the next day to schedule the final tests and removal of all equipment. This was done with social distancing, courtesy and professionalism. While I do hope we do not need such services in the future, if we do, I would feel confident that Chicago Water & Fire Restoration could handle our needs quickly and completely.
Donna B.
Donna B.
16:53 31 Oct 20
Had to use them recently after finding some mold in our baths. They came out within 24 hrs of our plumber calling them. Cem the Rep was wonderful explained...
Donna McEvoy
Donna M.
16:55 30 Oct 20
I was so pleased with the quick response. It was a very stressful situation and the gentleman that work for this company were so professional and thoughtful that it helped put my mind at ease. I will highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you so much!
17:34 29 Oct 20
Although our Condo Association has not decided on a water mitigation project, I was impressed with Chicago Water and & Fire Restoration project manager Zac Matz and his colleague Tyler in providing us an estimate. Zac was thorough in his explanations and professional as was Tyler. It is a company I would recommend for others to consider.
Jerry Tax
Jerry T.
14:55 29 Oct 20
Had a mold issue on a stairway landing in garage leading to lower level.Remediation completed with removal of drywall and carpeting. Reconstruct the removed wall installed new foam and batt insulation, installed new waterproof vinyl floor in place of carpet and compeleted a separate closet with insulation and flooring. Repaired, patched and painted some additional drywall in our garage that was in need of repair.Quality craftsmanship, completed entire project in a short time, extremely punctual, friendly and cleaned up the entire area as though they were never there.Highly recommend this first class company and the crews that did all the work.

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